The Story

The Story


We’ve always had a love for all things spice. Our sauces are a product of years of experimenting, tasting and good times.



Alderson’s is a family business – Reuben, Hannah and our son Noah. The concept emerged while traveling through Latin America. We spent the good part of a year working our way from Chile to Los Angeles, and in this time we experienced some of the most mind-blowing cuisine known to man. For us, the culinary pinnacle was definitely Mexico. We’d always had a love for Mexican food but the first hand experience changed our lives.

The way Mexicans use chilli is incredible and diverse. What particularly took our interest was the traditional smoking process for making a Chipotle (smoked jalapeno). We had always had a love of chipotle sauce and had been keen to try creating some ourselves. Taking on what we’d observed & tasted we headed home and began experimenting, not before getting married on the white sands of the Yucatan.

Experimenting and getting the smoking process right for the Jalapenos took many months. Perfecting the recipe for our chipotle sauce longer still. The end result was a delicious and distinctly New Zealand chipotle sauce with a deep Manuka smoke flavour.

Our other products organically developed over time with months of testing, but the final outcomes were worth the (literal) sweat and tears: Premium sauces that sing of Central America but with an original a Kiwi take.

The end result; we developed some first class packaging and got our product on as many innovative food retailers’ shelves as we could find so you can purchase authentic hot sauces made right here in NZ!

* Special thanks to our friend Natasha Alimova who helped us developed our Mexican Mayan influenced packaging.



Our Mission
Today our mission is to craft delicious and traditionally produced hot sauces that are wholesome & natural. We focus on raw unadulterated flavour. Our products are different. With a fusion of Kiwi & international inspirations, we bring something new to the table.